Sunday, February 20, 2022

2099 Revisited Podcast | Doom 2099 #1

Doom has arrived! This episode features a recap and discussion of the first issue of Doom 2099. In this opening issue, Doctor Doom mysteriously arrives in the year 2099 to find Latveria under the control of Tiger Wylde. His initial attempt to reclaim power does not go well.

Note: I mention in the episode there is a derogatory term used several times in this comic when referring to Romani people. The Romani have been discriminated against based on stereotypes about their culture for hundreds of years, and that particular term is part of that. If you’d like to learn more, nonprofit org Facing History and Ourselves has a great video featuring Dr. Margareta Matache, the Director of the Roma Program at Harvard University:

Next episode will feature Doom 2099 #2.

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  1. Just found this podcast. I love Marvel 2099, and like you had been able to get in on the ground floor. Unfortunately my collection of all the titles became hit and miss durring and after 2099 AD. I can't wait until the Punisher, I think that his arc from emotionaly damaged vigilante seeking retribution, to corupt Judge Dredd mixed with the tech of minority report, was a great rise and fall. I look forward to the next episode.