Saturday, January 22, 2022

2099 Revisited Podcast | Spider-Man 2099 #1


We are officially diving into the futureverse! This episode features a recap and discussion of the first issue of 2099’s flagship series, Spider-Man 2099. In it we are introduced to the first reluctant hero of a new age, Miguel O’Hara. 

Next episode will features Spider-Man 2099 #2-3.

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  1. Happy to see a 2099 retrospective podcast
    While it does feel the fly was the original inspiration for Miguel O'Hara, I think shift a few things from his original pitch as time went on, Miguel instead of become more monstereous quickly end up worshipped as a god, unlike Peter pariah status. Peter David also tweaked thing around a bit as time went on and the secret wars version of Miguel is more in-line with those change (with him being directed stated to be Tyler kid from the start)