Friday, December 31, 2021

We Have Cover Art!

Look at this gorgeous cover art that the amazing Don Cardenas created for this podcast. I am in awe, and in love. I cannot wait to dive back into this universe.

I came to Don with a basic idea for the design for this cover art, as you can see from the pic below:

My initial design pitch: "In the corner, my dumb face (like how Marvel used to use characters' faces). Logo next to that, and either a 2099 landscape, or some characters on the main album art. For individual episode art, it would be a template where I could just add the episode number in the corner, and past a pic of the cover of the issue that would be covered, probably with an episode title next to that. "

I didn't even specify which characters should be included--Don is a 2099 fan, so I knew he'd pic some good ones. He totally ran with it from there, sending me a few updates of the art in progress, including this sketch version I adore:

For those that haven't followed my other podcast stuff, Don previously created the cover at for one of the music podcasts I do, Power Chords:

Amazing, right? Don is such a great artist to collaborate with, because not only does he "get" me, but also because I trust his creative vision completely. 

Anyway, all of you should go follow Don on Twitter @doncardenasart, and you can see more of his work at I'll be talking to Don on the podcast about the cover art design, as well as his love of the 2099 universe. Stay tuned! 

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